These Subtle Signs You Should Look For To Know If She Is Madly In Love With You

Love has many forms, it is very important that you understand what type of love the other person is showing to you. Some people find it very difficult to understand if the other person or partner truly loves you or not! Most people without knowing tend to over commit in a relationship and suffer a lot. Here we have some very important and easy signs to judge if your partner is madly in love with you! These signs are very important to know, read the article to know these signs…..

Her pupils get wider when she sees you.


The way your partner looks at you also tells a lot that if your partner really loves you or not! When a person or your partner looks at you the body produces Oxytocin, this hormone gives you the feeling of being connected. If your partner looks at you with wide open glimmering eyes there is a very good chance that he/she madly loves you!

If she is comfortable to sit close to you!


When you sit with your partner in a room alone, the distance between you two will give you the sign you need to know! There is a possibility that he/she may sit next to you all the time, but even if he/she is close to you for at least some time, it says a lot!

Position of her legs when she is around you.


Here is an important sign you should be looking form, if she sits in a cross-legged position, it means you’ve not yet been able to win her trust. Her ankles will be relaxed if she loves and trusts you.

The way she looks at you says a lot.


Not just her eyes but the way she looks ta you, her expression, also tells a lot. If she looks at you with a calm expression on her face and would take her time to speak, this tells if she is madly in love with you! For more interesting signs, read on next page….

Note the position of her face and hand.


Girls try all sorts of thing to your attention in her, if you feel in any way that she is trying to gain your attention and keep the conversation alive, this means she loves you!

Is she copying your gestures?


It is observed and studied that many time is a girl loves you she will make an effort to get inspired by you behavior and try to copy that. If she does copy your gestures or body language, this means she loves you! For more interesting signs, read on next page….

When she looks at her toes…


If she like you then a study prove that she will keep on shaking her toes because she is feeling relaxed and has no fear of being judged.

If she gets too conscious about the clothes she wears or continuously looks in the mirror!


If she really loves you then she put more effort in looking good for you! Getting her clothes and accessories right, she is trying to look perfect for you.