This is about a 40-year-old woman, named Susan Shepherd, who is currently in a serious but stabilized situation in intensive care, one of her relative revealed this. Life is only “one” but losing will be forever & can never be bought back nor the person whom we loose.

This is Susan Shepherd


A 40 year old who has got a life again to live – in after a deathful incidence. With not much serious matter, Susan is quite lucky to find her self ALIVE in a hospital.

Mom RESCUED & Later Air lifted


Susan Shepherd 40, was airlifted to the hospital after a suspected gas explosion that unexpectedly occurred in her house in Sunderland. Officials provide care & medic to get her in conscious.

When the TEAM arrived at the spot


When the officials arrived at the house location the destroyed house in the blast this morning in Sunderland, to rescue people staying in the house & if people around the area are injured or something more devastating.

A BLOWN UP door in the backyard


A picture taken at the backyard of the half blown off house where a door been blown off after the suspected gas blast that had occurred in the morning.

Kiddies room PARTIALLY blown away


A partially blown off child’s room is shown as the wall & doors of the room is gone away. Luckily Susan’s daughter was at the property but Tracy confirms that she was at her dad’s house.

At the HEAT of the incidence


As Emergency Services reach at the incidence spot to get things under control & to rescue if there are more injured around the locality. But fortunately there was nothing serious but except for Susan nothing else.

The On Lookers as they look at the damaged scene


5 fire engines are currently in attendance and police have urged locals to stay away as they gathered to get closer to the incidence spot. Other locals & pedestrians rush to see as what exactly has occurred to the house.

State of the House


Another view of the house that is caught on camera by an unknown person shows the condition of the house that is been blown away. This the house with scattered windows.

The House before the Incidence

This was how the house of Susan Shepherd looked like before the tragedy occurred. The house in its structure take was clicked way back before.

The house now..


All got scattered in bits of pieces & thrown away. Some destroyed by fire, garden too got destroyed, scattered things everywhere behind the house, things that fell on the garden in bits were found.

The house is gone unfortunately but nothing went much serious no lives are gone, except for the partially destroyed house rest all are fine say the sources.