Super Funny Memes Which Will Hit You Good

Everyone Loves memes. Sometimes memes make our day. We feel like connected when we read or post a meme. We laugh our ass out when a meme is totally funny or sarcastic and sometimes they get real too. Here are top ten memes selected by us.

#10 This Shiba pretended everything is okay.


Just like this Shiba even though been struct between bushes pretends that everything is okay. Don’t we do the same? Look deep inside even were are struct somewhere or other.

#9 Harsh truth



Just because I’m inside doesn’t mean we should do all the things that please you. Let’s go out, have lunch dinner anything that pleases you.

#8 Ouch! that hurts.


When all we know is to switch a wifi on/off which is a “fix” in our own way. And then your parents ask you such questions.

#7 This hungry snake


Well, it’s not about snake over here. It’s us who eat like a hungry snake at a restaurant and the waitress asks us some question out of nowhere. We all have faced this situation some or the other time. Find out more such interesting memes on Next Page.