Superheroes Who Are Speculated To Die In The Upcoming Movie Avengers: Infinity War

Since the arrival of the trailer, Avengers: Infinity War has turned into a movie of conspiracy theories. Various fans have ascertained the rage the Avengers might from the hands of Thanos. Indeed, even the estimation of superheroes and different characters who could get murdered in the fight. Here are the superheroes who are speculated to die in the upcoming Marvel Superhero movie Avengers: Infinity War.

Kevin Feige’s Conformation


In an interview, Kevin Feige who is the American film producer and president of Marvel Studios was asked about the death in the movie that might happen. Kevin replied with “Yes” he also went on adding Avengers: Infinity War would be the final chapter for some beloved superheroes. Without any overdue here is a list of a superhero who is about to die.




Vision’s demise looks unavoidable in Infinity War. The purpose for it is the Infinity Stone which he has on his forehead, and Thanos is on the mission to gather it. For the movie, Thanos will at least collect one stone which is on Vision’s head.



In the trailer which came out a while ago showed Loki holding the Tesseract and later we saw Thanos the stone on the Infinity Gauntlet. This indicates either Loki gave him willingly or was killed by Thanos.

Drax the Destroyer


Drax was created by Thanos’ father to kill him and not being the lead character in the MCU the chances of him surviving this movie look very less. Stay tuned to know characters that might Die on the next page…