It is a relief to know that there were many survivors in the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy. But the survivors have lost their homes ans have no where to stay! So the British government announced on Wednesday afternoon that all the survivors will be given houses in £2 billion luxury Kensington apartment complex. Read the article to know more.

1. Survivors of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire.


It is a good news to know that in-spite of this tragic incident in London, there were many lucky and brave people who managed to survive the accident. And even better news for the survivors that they will be rehoused in £2 billion luxury Kensington apartment complex.

2. Communities secretary Sajid Javid revealed.


It has been confirmed by the Communities secretary Sajid Javid that the City of London Corporation has acquired 68 apartments in a complex and will be given to Kensington and Chelsea council for them house the victims of the tragedy.

3. You won’t believe.


You won’t believe that the private homes in the luxury complex start at £1.5 million and it holds a 24-hour concierge, swimming pool, and private cinema. It is more of a lottery for them!

4. The British government said…


The British government said that the flats were bought at a cost of “tens of millions of pounds”. To which Javid added, Our priority is to get everyone who has lost their home permanently rehoused locally as soon as possible, so that they can begin to rebuild their lives.”

5. A 60 year old woman named Anna claims…


The old lady said that she has lived in a new flat near to the new development for 40 years, who claimed that she did not want the victims there. She said, North Kensington is not this Kensington. They should be in a place where they are happy, but not here. I don’t want them here. In the circumstances, they can’t all expect to be rehoused in these parts of London. Someone has to pay that money, if they can afford to pay the rent there they should pay rent somewhere else.”

6. A man also added…


7. They also spoke to a mother-of-two.


She said, “They are saying: ‘Have you heard about how they are letting these people who don’t work live in luxury apartments?’ They are saying that they don’t want these people here in their apartments, that they rely too much on the government. They are saying: ‘I pay £5,000 a month to live here.’ I just thought ‘oh my god. Haven’t these people suffered enough?’”

8. The Department for Communities and Local Government said…


They said, “The new permanent housing is expected to be completed by the end of July. The Department for Communities and Local Government has also already committed to finding suitable accommodation in the local area for victims who lost their homes within a maximum of 3 weeks. Each home will be fully furnished and completed to a high specification and St Edward will provide liaison staff for each block so that residents are fully supported in settling into their new homes. This will be in addition to the ongoing range of support being provided to those affected by the tragedy.”