Taylor Swift Saves Pregnant And Homeless Fan By Buying Her A Home

It has been an interesting year for Taylor Swift's reputation. However, following a couple of months in hiding and the arrival of another album, it appears as though Taylor's year is finishing on a high note. Also, now, we have another reason to praise the pop-artist. As Swift as of late helped a homeless, pregnant fan buy a house. The fan's story has been circulating on Twitter, and additionally on Swift's new application called "The Swift Life" and truly, it is quite mind-blowing. Let us read her complete story.

Stepanie’s Santa


The story of Swift turning into Stephanie’s own Santa hasn’t been confirmed by Taylor or her group, yet helping a fan in need would fit in with her legacy of liberality toward Swifties, from offering a fan advice on Tumblr to those hand-wrapped holiday presents. Happy Swiftmas, without a doubt.

Her love for fans


Stephanie’s post has since been shared, liked, and commented on by a huge number of Taylor fans. this isn’t the first time through she’s been in the news for helping a fan. Not long ago, she is truly a gem after welcoming a bullied teen over to her home.