Teen Mom show has one of the most unexpected storylines, in the past many teen mom stars have been caught with drug abuse, many of them were caught and jailed after their act. Their constant drug use destroyed their relationships, one might think that the stars would stop at some point, but here we are again with another shocking incident where another teen mom star has been busted running a meth lab, read the article to know more…

Drug abuse is not new for the teen mom stars!


The Teen Mom show is not a family show when it comes to the drug abuse. Many Teen Moms have been caught using drugs in the past and many faced strict punishments!

One of the stars even accused MTV of supplying the stars with drugs!


Simon shockingly reveals “Between being a racist and supplying cast members with drugs and bribing a woman to move in paedophiles into their homes…#teenmomog“.

The show had many shocking incidents!


The Teen Mom show has a history of shocking incidents like when Amber Portwood went on a violent streak, physically abusing her ex- Gary Shirley. Though Amber was later arrested for the physical abuse.

A new Teen Mom star has been caught running a meth lab!!?


Just when people thought that after the shows previous reputation with drug abuse, there wouldn’t be anyone who would repeat such a crime. But now a new Teen Mom star has been caught running a meth lab, find out who was it on the Next Page…

Earlier – Adam Lind

If you remember Adam the dad of two, had custody rights of one of his daughters stripped away, after testing positive for meth.

There have been incidents of more than just violence!


Ryan Edwards drug abuse during his own marriage was more than a needed sign for MTV that they should not be allowing such provocative content on a reality show. Yet another Teen Mom star has been caught running a meth lab, you will be shocked to know who, find out on Next Page…

One of Jenelle’s previous boyfriend.


Kieffer had an on again off again Relationship with Jenelle Evans for a number of years. Kieffer was previously involved with drugs, he eventually introduced Jenelle to heroin, to which she became addicted.

Now after so many years, Kieffer has been arrested for a shocking crime.


After so many years of separating from Jenelle, Kieffer is still into drugs and has finally been arretsed for allegedly operating a meth lab. The cops uncovered his suspected meth lab in Pittsburgh.