Teen Mom Dad’s Outrageous Demands Revealed!

Teen Moms have always been the epicenter of each controversy, but they weren’t alone there. Their significant other halves (temporary!) were there too, the Teen Mom dads! Even the Teen Mom dads have played a vital role in the show Teen Mom, where many dads have been involved in most famous controversies. Here the dads go again making outrageous demands to the show! Read the article to know more….

Teen Mom dads are a part of the show too.


The dads are also as much part of the show as the moms, they are the ones with who the moms and relationship, eventually kids too. So this makes them a vital part of the show!

Dads have made their mark in the past


Dads have made their strong stand in the show too, by getting involved in major controversies, in some cases they were the reason why the whole fight took place (Simon, Matt).

Many guys with criminal records!


Many Teen Mom dads in the past have had some really shocking controversies surrounding them such as drug abuse, assault, etc. They have had their fair share of the spotlight!

It’s okay for them to have demands!


The dads have also contributed in the shows success, just like the moms in the show Teen Mom. They should have the right to demand a few things, but instead of using their rights for the good, the dads have made an outrageous demand to the show, read on next page….

The show keeps shooting at different venues!


The stars have to travel many times to different places like Los Angels for their shooting, this is where the Teen dads made a outrageous demand to the show Teen Mom and let everyone in a shock!

Demand scan be dangerous!


Just like the teen moms the teen dads are also allowed to make certain demands for basic facilities! But this time the whole MTV is shocked to hear the dads outrageous demands, read on next page…..

MTV got the guys tickets in coach


We got to know that the teen dads demanded first class tickets, and one even insisted that the network buy a first class ticket for his girlfriend, too. Whereas the teen moms Jenelle, Chelsea, Kailyn, and Leah, as well as their children and one guest each, were given first class tickets.

What an outrageous demand!


A source explained, “The show pays for the guys to come to the reunion, and will pay for their significant other or guest to come as well. But the network said no way would they pay for first class for the guys, who are just supporting characters on the show.”