Are You In Your Teen & Want To Explore Your Creativity..?

Explore your creativity with guidance that has no restrictions on your ideas that you can experience beyond your limits

A world without rules in any thing that your explore, have to check how far your imagination takes you with your creativity. After all “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Take a tour your self & see what can you do things with little learning & more of exploring of things.

The zig-zack & curves is the purity of Art – ZENTANGLE


Looks like a bunch of curves that are there.. boxes, circles, lines, bumps, etc when are joint & combined all together make a unique creativity of art.

Roll – scroll and make it yours



D.I.Y. picture frames and bowls made out of rolled magazines, are fabulously crafted ideas for homemade boxes made only from recycled magazines. Can make your small kitty stuffs stay at one place that where you want to store & keep them in. Not difficult at all to make these look just like the photo tutorial.