Teenage Girl Sent Home From School For An ‘Inappropriate’ Outfit

Some of our most powerful and lasting ideas about the world around us are learned at school. Hard work pays off. Success comes from working together. Girls’ bodies are dangerous and harassment is inevitable. This might sound inflammatory, but Earlier today, an entire sixth form were beckoned outside by a female teacher for an outfit inspection, which was then conducted by a male teacher. And one of the girls sent back to the home because her outfit was ‘Inappropriate’.

Girl was sent home


Many students were sent home, having been observed to wear “improper” outfits. Depressingly, the students being advised to leave were all female, and among them was one who tweeted about it.

A 17 years old


The 17-year-old was told by the male teacher who sent her home that the school “needed to raise standards.” And this is the outfit that she was wearing in the school.

Student said


“I make YouTube videos to RAISE GCSE STANDARDS. I’m on the student parliament to RAISE SCHOOL STANDARDS. I am a feminist to RAISE SOCIETAL STANDARDS and yet here I am at home being denied an education.” Click on the next page to continue.

Unfair Judgements


An understandably angry student is not happy for the unfairly targeted her. She additionally raised a vital point about judging what someone else is wearing without considering their financial situation.

She also said


She continued: “It’s the way he told a student who hasn’t even been given their student bursary that they need to buy new clothes. People are not made of money.” Click on the next page to know what id people say about it.

She lashed out!


The reaction has been one, basically, of help for the student who, in spite of her outrage, also takes pains to point out “there are lots of great and caring teachers there that I don’t want to throw under the bus!”

Tweeterities Response


One person commented: “It is deeply disturbing that an older male authority figure feels it necessary to dictate such stupid rules. Clothing should in no way affect your education.” Another added: “That is really inappropriate. The sending home. Not the clothes. They’re pretty much standard women’s office wear. I’d wear to meetings in parliament.”