Teen’s Petty Argument With Her Sister Goes Viral, Now Everyone’s Sharing Their Own

When it comes to family, everybody can imagine the drama, love, fights, togetherness. But the relation between the soul sisters is different. The sisters will mess with each other but never allow anybody to mess with their sisters. They fight endlessly and love each other without any limit. Trinity Hartman is 16. Her sister Jordan Torstenson is 12. And their text message fight has been shared nearly 60,000 times. Read the article to know why it went so viral on social media!

“They don’t hold grudges ever,” the mom said of their arguments.


The teenager chose to post that last sliver of their discussion, thinking that it’s interesting and figuring a few friends may identify with it. The determination of their battle has since been enjoyed more than 100,000 times.

People found that it took the spirit of sisterhood.


What is it like having a sister!


People’s responses


Loads of people reacted with proof of their own tense text message conversations.

“Please Kathryn.”


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