Terror Truck Kills Eight People Leaves Dozen Injured

Terror attacks are nothing new in today's world, there has been a certain rise in terror attacks all across the world, each country is now facing frequent attacks since past two years. Every country is facing such terrorizing incidents, one such incident occurred in New York city on 31st October. A terrorizing incident occurred in the New York city where a terror truck kills eight people and leaves almost a dozen people injured, read the article to know more about the news.....

The suspect was later identified by the other sources.


Police Commissioner James O’Neill said, the attacker shouted  “allahu akbar” “God is great” in Arabic, during the attack. This made the police label this incident as a terrorist event. The suspect was identified as Sayfullo Saipov.

Further investigation revealed something really shocking…


After further investigation the police found a handwritten note at the scene pledging allegiance to ISIS. About 6 people died on the scene, 2 died in the hospital and over 11 people were hospitalized with serious injuries! See what New York Mayor has to say about the incident on next page…..