The Amazing Precious Things Only 90’s People Will Understand

People born in the 90's are one of the luckiest people, that's what every 90's person says. But there is a reason behind it, the reason in that the 90's kids have seen almost everything, there was a time when there was no television, cell phone, etc. Now the world has advanced to a point where we have huge HD televisions, high quality smart phones, etc. Here we have some thing that you might find funny and only the people born in 90's will understand, read the article to know more....

Those days when you needed bigger pockets!


Those golden days when having a ‘walkman’ was the coolest thing that could possibly happen to you!

Today’s people don’t even know something called a floppy existed!


RIP to floppy disks, you will only be remembered by the 90’s kids!