The Kar-Jenner’s Had Gathered For An Amazing Easter Bash

Though there have been so many arguments between Kylie and the Kardashian family, they do take their festive seriously. Their get together is indeed big by keeping all the things aside which will make their relations worse. So it’s Easter time and everybody is on to celebrate it. The Kardashian family don’t leave a single stone unturned when it comes to celebrating a festival. Their get-togethers are really big with all their friends and family members. Read more about their celebration.

Kar-Jenner Celebration


Be it their baby showers or birthday parties, they just go big with everything. So We had Easter up in the list and Kar-Jenner made it big with their family and friends. It was the first Easter for baby Stormi.

Easter Gathering



So it shouldn’t be surprising that their Easter gathering on Sunday, April 1, was a bonanza of bright decorations and delicious treats! The whole family went for a gathering with friends and family members.

Kylie Jenner Went On To Share Pictures


Kylie went on to share some pictures from the celebration day and let’s just say these pictures gave us an intense fear of missing out. The decoration and the fun family had is just amazing.

Travis Scott Possing


Kylie shared a really cute picture of Travis. He struck a pose beside a big pink rabbit made up completely of flowers in the home’s instantly recognizable lobby. Click next to read more about Kylie’s celebration with the baby daughter.