The Marines Finally Have A Female Infantry Officer, Look At The Grueling Process This Marine Went Through

The United States Marine Corps is one of the hardest branches of the American military. Their training camp is infamous for being so severe, break more bones there than up any of alternate branches of the military. Essentially, in case you're a Marine, you're a rebel. Now, a female Marine turned into the first lady to finish the thorough Infantry Officer Course (IOC). Arriving wasn't simple. Here are every one of the obstacles she needed to overcome to become a trailblazer.

The Infantry Officer Course is notoriously tough.

They have to complete this ground test, It takes 13 weeks, or almost three months, of serious preparing at Quantico, the base in close Triangle, Virginia. Through rain or shine, sleet or snow, our GI Jane was there, kicking ass and taking names.

Her feat cannot be understated.

Before GI Jane finished the training course, 36 ladies had failed in it. Truth be told, most candidates never influence it past the main battle continuance to test, which is a 14-hour climb finish with the obstacle course and 20-foot rope. Of the 131 Marines that brought on the course with our GI Jane, just 88 passed.

She did so in the face of incredible odds.

The course requires both capabilities in the field, and the quality and stamina to convey carry weighing up to 152 pounds. The school starts with a day-long battle continuance test that incorporates thorough climbs through Quantico’s rolling, wooded hills, an obstacle course and appraisals of abilities like weapons assembly and land navigation.