The Marines Finally Have A Female Infantry Officer, Look At The Grueling Process This Marine Went Through

The United States Marine Corps is one of the hardest branches of the American military. Their training camp is infamous for being so severe, break more bones there than up any of alternate branches of the military. Essentially, in case you're a Marine, you're a rebel. Now, a female Marine turned into the first lady to finish the thorough Infantry Officer Course (IOC). Arriving wasn't simple. Here are every one of the obstacles she needed to overcome to become a trailblazer.

In case you missed it, she had to lift 152 pounds.

That’s the equivalent of one full-developed grown-up, which our GI Jane needed to bring through day-long climbs, obstacle courses, and other shifted and without a doubt terrible military activities.

Also, she had to look at dead bodies.

As a major aspect of mental preparing, GI Jane needed to experience distressing conditions which included acclimating herself to seeing cadavers. This, obviously, is notwithstanding rappelling from helicopters, controlling riots, and talking with the press.

Now it’s on to Camp Pendleton, California.

There, she’ll meet her new unit, a 40-members platoon in the first Marine Division. By performing her accomplishment, GI Jane joins the modest list of female troopers in world-class positions in the military, an important and significant resource for the war in Afghanistan.