Its been 10 years since Apple launched its 1st iPhone and now as you know it’s their 10th anniversary they have planned something big this time. More than 2 phones they are going to launch with the so awaited product The IPhone 8 Or IPhone X. The Keynote is not that far but still you don’t wanna miss these features of iphone 8.

1. Have A Look At IPhone 8


The totally new design and powered by OLED screen Looks just amazing. Nobody can question the performance of an iphone because of the new processor coming its way.

2. The New Processor


As you know every year the process of the iphone changes with the new phone. But this time its coming with 6 core processor which are divided into 4 and 2 cores the 4 cores will handle the low end task on the other hand the 2 cores will handle the high end task with 3gb of ram. Get a chance to win iphone at the end of the article.

3. Geekbench Scores


The Geekbench score tells you how much your processor is capable of executing tasks. These score are the same as the old MacBooks. A small powerful device just in your pockets.

4. The All New Rear Camera


The new Iphone will have a 12 MP camera that can do 4k/60/1080p240 and the front camera can do 1080p30. That will surely give us some nice and quality shots from the camera, you already know the iphone camera can never disappoint.

5. Facial Recognition


So finally the wait is over and iphone is introducing the new feature of facial recognition. Most secure device just got more secure.

6. All New Colors


A new color is introduced the “Blush Gold” which will closely resemble copper. That excitement won’t stop till you have your hands on this device.

7. Tap To Wake


Since there is no home button introduced this time it will be hard to wake up the phone. So this New feature will give you the power to wake up your phone just by a tap. Cool, isn’t it?

8. Wireless Charging


The most awaited feature in iphone series, wireless charging. Now you’ll get to charge your phone wirelessly just like the apple watch.