The NYT Covered A Front Page Story About LA And People Are Pissed Already

The story ran on the New York Times' first page Wednesday, directly underneath its coverage of the principal State of the Union by President (and lifelong New Yorker) Donald J. Trump. The article contends that current turmoil at the Los Angeles Times — which has as of late observed turnover of its best administration, a fruitful unionization effort, and an undeniably tense newsroom condition — is "symptomatic" of the city's "absence of solid institutions to bind it together."

Genuine Errors


In the middle of the whole head-scratching, some saw there were basic true mistakes in the story.

Lack Of Philanthropy


It additionally turns out that the ranking the Times used to prove LA has an “absence of philanthropy” doesn’t really show that to any extent of the intelligence. Turn next to read more.