They are the landmarks, spots, and milestones that are so broadly captured, we feel we know them totally. In any case, when you stop to truly consider it, how well do you truly know your general surroundings?

Here are photos that will change the way you view things.

1. The place where old tires go to die


This aerial photograph of a seemingly endless pile awaits burning in a cement factory in Bavaria!

2. The end of the Great Wall of China


The part of the wall inside Shanhai Pass that meets the sea is named the “Old Dragon Head” and it’s considered the traditional end of the Great Wall and the “First Pass Under Heaven”.

3. The Bavarian town of Nördlingen


This is the Bavarian town of Nördlingen, which was built in a 14-million-year-old meteor impact crater.

4. Cairo City


In case you need reminding that Cairo is a very old city…

5. A 360-degree rainbow as seen from an airplane


it is possible to see the full-circle of a rainbow if your vantage point is high enough or if you are close enough to the rain droplets that are creating the rainbow.

6. The Mercury


Caloris in Color – An enhanced-color view of Mercury, assembled from images taken at various wavelengths by the cameras on board the MESSENGER spacecraft.

7. The Barcelona


Conformity and creativity side-by-side in Barcelona. Sagrada Família stands tall to the left of the photo.

8. An inside view of one of Google’s data centers


A central cooling plant in Google’s Douglas County, Georgia, data center.

9. The Mount Everest


There was a time when conquering Mount Everest was considered a great feat. These days you have to stand in line.

10. The NewYork City


The two sides of New York City.