The SkillForce Prince William Award Launched By Prince William

. Prince William carried out a number of charitable activities and social projects to support The Queen. The SkillForce Prince William Award is one of his major social project for the children of his country.

10. The third stage.

The third stage is the Trailblazer award which is a part of the PWA. This award focuses on inspiring children aged 12 to 14 to be confident leaders and teaching them skills to take on responsibility.

11. Royal Highness joined three groups.

Prince William joined three groups of school children as they each demonstrated different age related levels of the award programme and helped them to complete exercises which include activities to test skills like construction skills, trust based skills and skills to test and improve their leadership qualities.

12. His Royal Highness.

His Royal Highness thus quotes “Over the years I have seen, time and again, how the development of personal skills puts a young person in better stead for education, future employment and for life.”