The Woman Who Bit Beyoncé In The Face Has Finally Been Identified!

A few months back Beyoncé was bitten on the face during a celebration party after Jay-z tour of LA. Many actors and actress were on the accused list and many were considered as the culprit. But after months of wait and speculation, we finally have the name of the celebrity that bit Beyoncé in the face. Keep reading to find out the name of the celebrity.

Beyoncé In LA For The Celebration


On December on 21, 2017, Jay-Z was on a tour in LA and a special celebration was organized for them and their friends after the concert was over. Beyancê was also spotted during the concert.

Afterparty For VIP’s



Since it was an afterparty and only for close friends and some other celebrities lots of people came to the party. The list of celebs who attended the party were James Franco, French Montana, Queen Latifah, G-Eazy, Diddy, Sara Foster, Jen Meyer, and Sanaa Lathan and many others.

Unpredicted Act By Someone


During the afterparty for the Jay-Z’s concert in LA, many celebs were present during the party. Someone from the crowd took a bit on the face of beyouncé and left a strong mark on the face. This news went viral but the culprit behind this act was still unknown until today.

The Potential Culprit


After the heinous act took place everyone started making a strong accusation on the celebs that could have a bit her in the face. Many celebs were caught in this act, List of potential culprits included Foster and Lathan. Some also named J-law as one of the culprits. Stay tuned, the name of the culprit is revealed on the next page…