There Is A Possibility That Melania Trump Might Divorce President Trump!?

Supportive Of Vanessa Trump’s Decision


With the divorce proceeding filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court on the March 15. Every person is in a bit of a confusion but looks like Melania Trump is actually supportive of the Vanessa Trump’s decision of divorce.

Considering Her Own Divorce


A source close to  Melania Trump says “Melania is curious about what type of reaction the American people will have regarding Vanessa being brave enough to move away from the powerful family. Melania is strongly considering her own divorce, an unprecedented move with a sitting president.”


Being A First Lady Is Far More Challenging


A White House source explained being the first lady is far more challenging for Melania Trump. He went and added, “It’s been upsetting and humiliating; her relationship with President Trump has become strained.” And maybe the reason Melania Trump may be considering to follow Vanessa footsteps.