These 10 how I got dumped tweets will make you feel good about being single

If there are relationships, there surely are breakups. If you have so many happy relationships stories, you also have some true heartbreaks. Some people have faced so many problems in their life that they sometimes do forget about how and when they got dumped but Jimmy Fallon came up with a game in which you have to add a hashtag ‘HowIGotDumped’. Here are some users who really took it like a sport and told their stories.

1. Let’s Start With Jimmy Fallon


This was a pretty solid one, if not savage story. How you end up thinking that you are actually dating but get to see the reality very soon.

2. Perks Or Disadvantages Of Being An Hostess



Sometimes there are perks to being a hostess and sometimes you get to see you boyfriend but have to serve him as you are working at that place.

3. You Just Got Served


This guy must have been really annoying to the girl who just asked how to block and applied that thing on him.

4. Dream Game


This totally denotes that you should also keep your dream game strong. No matter what or where you are, you should always defend her. Click next.