When summers arrive it brings lots of opportunities for families and friends to go on picnics and vacations. These vacations or picnics are not fun some people. Read the article to see these hilarious pictures.

1. Farewell eyesight

The annual explosion of beautiful flowers come summer time is a wondrous spectacle to behold. Unless you have hay fever.

2. Colour coordinated

You know you’ve spent far too long in the sun when your skin tone matches the red roses on your floral dress.

3. Life hack

A gentleman applying sunscreen with a paint roller – displaying an impressive level of resourcefulnes.

4. Persevering

Here we have another amazing display of problem-solving from this (probably British) family who had their picnic rained upon.

5. Not bothered

It’s never really OK to go bare-footed on a plane, and it’s certainly not polite to be so cavalier about it.

6. Line up

This airport is filled with weary travelers the only thing standing between you and your next sunny getaway.

7. Ouch

According to the uploader of this image, all it took was 15 minutes in the sun.

8. Pun-tastic

It would really hilarious if the person who uploaded this image of a rather unfortunate sweating pattern captioned it – ‘I’m sweating balls’.

9. Summer flop

Perhaps not in the UK, but some cities in the world get hot enough to melt traffic cones.

10. Wheely warm

Equally, the man who shared this photo described it as the ‘only proper way’ to drive during an Arizona summer’.

11. Packing the kitchen sink

This was amusingly captioned – ‘When you take your girlfriend on a weekend vacation’.

12. Surprise

This  uploader quipped – ‘I don’t know what I was expecting ordering pizza on a plane’.

13. The aftermath

Someone appears to have had a mid-air food fight. Must have been delightful to sit by.

14. Yoink

An Instagram-worthy moment robbed from this doughnut-clutcher by a beady-eyed seagull.

15. Flying devils

Another deeply unpleasant summer side-effect. Wasps.

16. Take a pew

According to the uploader of this beach monstrosity, it depicts Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.