These Seduction Techniques That Actually Never Work

We always are taught that seduction is an art and it is not easy to master it! You would want to agree with this statement that it is not easy to master. And some of these techniques actually never work! Read the article to know more.

Showing unhealthy interest


Showing too much interest in someone might be dangerous too, a person who is not used to much attention might lose interest in you if you suddenly show too much attention. The best way is to take it slow and allow the person to get used to it.

Being oversensitive


You don’t have to overreact to every situation just because you don’t like it, because the things you hate might be important to the other person. So best way is to be the bigger person sometimes and not be oversensitive about it!

An object of pity.


If you want attention then stop complaining about life and waiting for sympathy, no one like a nagging person. Everyone has their own problems don’t let it ruin your relationship! Enjoy the moment you have together.

Sending “accidental” texts


These are the worst, the saddest part when you text a person but you text him/her accidentally that you shouldn’t have!

Being extra loud


We always tend to be loud when we want the attention of all the around us, you sure will get noticed but do you think anyone would want to come and talk to a loud person??

Don’t get stuck with other people’s problems.


When you care for a person too much you tend to carry the weight of their problems on your own shoulder. Make sure you don’t take it all just take enough for the person to feel better.

Secretly mooning over someone.


If you have feelings for someone then go ahead and say it out loud to the person and appreciate their decision respectfully! Don’t just sit around like others hoping things would change for you on their own.

Becoming a friend


It’s not just guys but even girls are worried about being friend zoned, and a very few people get out of that category! Never try to make your loved one “just a friend”! It never turns out well.