Things Got SUPER Awkward When Ellen Caught an Audience Member Stealing

Ellen is essentially one of the most pleasant people on the planet, and she does inconceivably liberal things for people in her groups of audiences. But sometimes people can try to take advantage of that kindness, and things get super cringey awkward...

A great many people were entirely legitimate, similar to this woman who needed both a cap and a T-shirt.


In any case, she chose to go the straight course and backpedal later to purchase the cap, so well done.

Plot turn!

Ellen really backpedaled and compensated her genuineness by giving her the cap for nothing.

Then again, there was this woman.



Unmistakably she didn’t know she was being viewed, and obviously, she didn’t keep the “take just a single” run execution.

What’s more, she took an entire pack of stuff.