Things Got SUPER Awkward When Ellen Caught an Audience Member Stealing

Ellen is essentially one of the most pleasant people on the planet, and she does inconceivably liberal things for people in her groups of audiences. But sometimes people can try to take advantage of that kindness, and things get super cringey awkward...

As in, she hovered back three separate circumstances to take as much as she could without making it considerably more evident that she was attempting to fill ‘er up.




I get perhaps attempting to snatch two things the first run through around, yet hovering back three separate circumstances to fill her pockets with plunder takes guts, people.

Genuine guts.

Normally Ellen couldn’t recently let that slide…


We would all be able to take in a lesson from this extremely humiliated woman: A free cap will never be justified regardless of a lifetime of mortification.


And if you’re gonna go to an Ellen taping, for crying out loud, you should probably assume there are hidden cameras everywhere. HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN THE SHOW, LADY???