Things That Prove Why Getting Friendzoned Isn’t Bad

It’s really basic for a human being to search for a partner with whom you find yourself most comfortable and compatible. After finding them we put too many efforts in trying to impress them. But even after giving your 100%, sometimes you fall into a pit called “friend zone”. People think that falling into that pit is really a bad place to be because it’s equivalent to rejection. Being in a friend zone isn’t as bad as it looks. Read more.

 Why is friendzone such a bad place to be?


Friendzone is a place where all your romantic hopes come to an end. Certainly, it may appear like every one of your endeavors have been squashed like a broken piece of glass – however, this experience may lead you into being a better version of yourself, and here’s the secret.

1. It helps you redeem yourself from a rejection



Despite the fact that friend zone is thought to be set only for men, the fear of rejection lies on both the sides similarly, for men and ladies. Essential learning here is that they don’t owe you their emotional attachment, out of your actions and gestures.

2. You know that you can now move on


When you’ve tried and assumed that there is no indication of sparkles between both of you to fly, at that point, it’s a clear sign for you to ‘move on’. Having this clearness – tolerating the dismissal gives you the flexibility to review the new likely outcomes, that could be past your creative ability.

3. There is no need to impress


Presently there is no reason to go an extra mile just to show that you are a better person than you are. Keep in mind that it’s a FRIENDzone, not a STRANGERzone. You can be as quirky, wicked and amusing as you wish to be. Click next.