We have all got our own pet peeves, things that burn us deep down to the core that other people just don’t agree. But there are a select few things that are particularly disturbing for us all and will hurt even the most chilled of us Brits.

Having to pay to go for a p*ss

Is there anything worse than being forced to pay to relieve your bladder? Absolute joke.

The fact that these things cost £1


These bad boys cost 20p when I used to get my daily pack from the corner shop down the road from School. Who lets this happen?

Beer in a wine glass


It is still a pint of Fosters and it still tastes like dog p*ss.

The fact Kanye West is now classed as a fashion designer


This guy is a killing for selling clothes with moth holes in them, whilst we’re working 24/7 still struggling to pay for our Tesco Mobile pay as you go.

Continental breakfasts


There is absolutely NOTHING appetising about cold meat for breakfast, I don’t care how ‘European’ and ‘Chic’ you are.

This spelling


This literally gives me anxiety, if my child ever spells like this it’s getting sent to boarding school immediately where it will stay until its spelling is of an acceptable standard!!

The fact this is being sold

I mean I’m all for Chris and Stephen, they make me laugh, but c’monnnn. Bathing in bubble bath with these two faces on the bottle makes me feel slightly uneasy…how have they bagged this?

The fact that this is what the world is turning into

We are breeding a generation of selfie obsessed, social media obsessed kids.

This be*lend


The fact it is now weirder to say ‘hello’ to a stranger than sit glued to your phone with your headphones in, ignoring all forms of communication with people, just says it all about our generation really.

When you’re starving, get a sandwich and then find this boll*cks


Call me fussy, but I quite fond of fillings in my sandwiches? All I see is bread?

The fact that places like Sweden can deal with the absurd amount of snow they get in winter

Not gonna lie, I’m guilty of blagging a snow day at any opportunity possible.

Security tags on plastic bags


We all have hundreds of bags for life in the boot of our car, but do we ever remember them when we go into Tesco?



‘Eat, sleep, vape repeat’. This is EVERYTHING wrong with society today. Is there anything worse than someone who has the audacity to vape right in front of you and suffocates you with the disgusting fumes? NOT TODAY.



This makes absolutely NO sense, women’s tea? What on earth is that?