Our life teaches us many things as we gain experience, but still there are only a few things we know! What do you do when you are in trouble? Here we have some really amazing things that you should know in life that will help you in lot of ways. Read the article to know what these things are.

How to start fire without using matches or lighter.


What if you are stranded somewhere with no modern instruments to save you? How will you light a fire? Here’s how you do it, search for two dry sticks and start a fire by following the procedure in the above image.

Important survival skills.


If you are stranded in a jungle or an island or anywhere do not panic! You need to know these basic survival skills kile making a shelter, fire and finding food that will keep you alive till you get rescued!

Learn to swim.


It’s very important that you learn how to swim, no matter where you are stuck to know how to swim is a must survival skill! You can save yourselves from drowning in many ways.

You should know how to change a tire.


What is the use if you own a car but don’t know know how to change a tire! If your tire goes down down in the middle of nowhere what do you do? So it is important that you learn how to change your car’s tire.

How to build your own website.


Many people are coming up with their own busuness, if you have a business of your own then it is a must that you know how to promote it. One of the best ways you can promote it is by making a website, so itis important that you know how to build one!

Cooking an egg!


If not the the complicated dishes you should at least know how to cook an egg. It is the least you can learn.

Giving CPR!


If you know how to give a CPR then it is the best thing you could possibly learn. You can save many lives by learning this important medical technique.

How to meet and communicate with people.


It today’s world where everyone is totally active on social media and your interactive skills are very important to make a stand in the society. It is important that you learn to interact with new people and be able to communicate with friends.