This Cat Is Way Too Good At Hiding, Can You Spot The Cat Hidden In These Photos

Cats are stealthy ninja pets who can make themselves everything except disappear by hiding in the little corners of your life. If they get spooked by something or if they simply don't like you very much, they can be difficult to find. Whenever writer and comedian Grace Spelman moved to another house in New York back in October, her cat, charmingly named Pierogi, started hiding in any nook or corner she could find. Grace started taking photos of all the hidden Pierogi scenes and sharing them with her fans on Twitter. Looking for Pierogi in Spelman's photographs has turned out to be one of the games on the Internet.

Find Pierogi #2 Answer


It’s hard to believe, but it’s true! There’s a Pierogi behind the radiator. Alright, that was a solid warm-up, however, now we’re going to truly turn the heat on! (Which is something you would prefer not to do when there’s a cat in your radiator.)

Find Pierogi #3


This is a toughie because there are so many visible rooms in this one. Pierogi could be anywhere! If you need a hint, it’s way back there.


Find Pierogi #3 Answer


There’s a pierogi, lying like a Victorian woman on the top of the freeze. That’s what she gets like when she’s all out of catnip. Oh, the ennui of Pierogi’s existence.

Find Pierogi #4


This present picture’s sort of dark, however, we swear Pierogi is in there! Here’s an insight: Look at the regions of light. Click on the next page to continue.