This Indian Made Unclaimed No Man’s Land His Own Country

Have you ever imagined to build your own country? I don't think so that anybody would have thought about this thing. Sometimes there are thoughts which cross our minds to do something which is unimaginable but usually, we don't work upon them and then that thought gets lost in our day to day work. Here is this guy Suyash Dixit who planned something and executed it. Get to know the whole story below, don't miss out on the map of his country.



He has an official website for his country now on which you can apply for citizenship. Here’s the website where you can read all his country rights and where he’s the prime minister and the military head. There are many other things to which you’ll see on his kingdom website.

Apply For A Post In This New Country


There is a section on his website where you can apply for any post you want. You just have to visit his website and register on it. Where there are posts like Prime Minister, Chancellor Of The Exchequer, Foreign Secretary, Home Secretary, Chief Minister and many like this.