This Is Why The Coke Tastes Better At McDonald’s

Fountain Soda can be the best thing or it can be the worst. Most of the people love fountain soda over a bottled or a canned one. When it comes to fountain machine, Mcdonald's are the best. People get amused when one says the fountain soda at McDonald's is the best. Here are some of the reasons which make fountain machine soda at Mcdonald's the best in their category. Wait till the secret is revealed.

I love soda. It’s the sweetness and the fizz that gives me the kick. It’s an essential, when I am at work or when I am out with friends. I am a Coca Cola guy, and you know what? my favourite place to drink it is the nearest McDonalds.

The happy place


This bubbly, sugary goodness is on the top of all my McDonalds orders. Do you know why? I think it tastes better there.

No kidding, guys!



Yes guys. It does. When I told this fact to my friends, they thought I was crazy. But I am not. Read on to know why.