This Japanese Company Is Giving Non-Smoker Employees 6 Extra Vacation Days

A company in Japan has adopted an innovative strategy to motivating its workers to stop smoking. Piala Inc., a Tokyo-based association, is giving its non-smoking staff six additional days of vacation every year. Presented in September, this new strategy is intended to make up for puffing-related breaks, which are said to expend in regards to 15 minutes each.

A few people approve non-smoking workers ought to get more paid leave


As indicated by the World Health Organization, 21.7 percent of Japanese youngsters smoke, in spite of the fact that the figure is higher among males and older generations. So paid leaves can motivate them to quit smoking.

Smoking is injurious to health.


Japanese companies are growing endeavors to secure employees from the effect of second-hand smoke, with Lawson Inc, an administrator of 24-hour accommodation stores, in June restricting smoking in its head office and regional offices.