This List Of The World’s 10 Richest Animals Is Just Crazy

Everybody loves their pets and want to keep them protected and warm. But some people take in a very serious way and start pampering them with special things, excluding toys and food. These 10 fellows are the richest animals in the world. Prepare to feel pretty bad about your bank account.

Csoki the African parrot.


Csoki is a beautiful African parrot owned by millionaire Victoria Brown from London, England. When victoria died, she left £50,000 pounds for the parrot.

Flossie the dog.


Drew Barrymore and ex-husband Tom Green have a cute yellow lab named Flossie. Back when they were still a couple, the faithful lab barked to alert them of a house fire as they slept. To show her gratitude, Barrymore put her house in trust for Flossie.