This List Of The World’s 10 Richest Animals Is Just Crazy

Everybody loves their pets and want to keep them protected and warm. But some people take in a very serious way and start pampering them with special things, excluding toys and food. These 10 fellows are the richest animals in the world. Prepare to feel pretty bad about your bank account.

Toby Rimes the poodle.


Toby Rimes’s descended from a poodle by the same name who was owned by Ella Wendel, a millionaire from New York. Wendel left her dog an amount somewhere between $30 million and $80 million. The inheritance has been passed down to all of the original poodle’s offspring, which includes Toby.

Tommasino the black cat.


Tommasino is the richest cat till now, her story is legendary. A former stray, he found his way into the home of Italian property magnate Maria Assunta. After Assunta’s death at age 94, she left the furry feline $12.4 million. The money is held in a trust by Assunta’s nurse.