This Super Smart Russian Remembers His Past Life On Mars

Boris Kipriyanovich who goes by Boriska signifying "little Boris", is a fantastically skilled kid from Zhirinovsk, Russia. He was born in 1996 and as far back as he was 4 years of age he would visit a mountain known as Medvedetskaya Gryada so as to recharge himself from the world. Periodically youngsters who introduce themselves with sensitive gifts find refuge in nature and Boriska was no different. Read the article to know Boriska's story.

His knowledge about planets


His parents said they never taught him anything about space and planets. When Boriska was little he started talking about Mars, space and alien civilizations. He used to tell his friends about that Mars still has alien life, although it was hit with a massive nuclear catastrophe in the distant past.

The nuclear catastrophe


He ‘remembers’ the war the nuclear catastrophe happened on the mars because two sets being used to live there at the same time. And still few survivors exist because they learned how to build homes and weapons. But where are they? Click on the next page to read what he said about the aliens on the mars.