Tiffany Haddish Reveals Who Bit Beyoncé In The Face

When anyone meets a celebrity they tend to take photos or autographs and many other weird requests. But there are very fewer incidences where you hear a celeb getting bit. On  December 2017 Beyoncé was bit in the face and we still don’t know who bit her. Tiffany Haddish says she knows who bit beyoncé in the face. Stay tuned to know the answer.

Jay-Z’s Concert In Inglewood


Last December on 21, 2017, Jay-Z was on a tour and had a concert in Inglewood LA. In a party, an incident took place which completely shocked everyone including Beyoncé. And we are still in the dark and don’t know who did it.

Beyoncé Attended The Concert



Beyoncé during the concert on Jayz was seen in a stunning leather outfit after giving birth to Twins in June 2017. The Concert was held in LA and Beyoncé attended the concert with many other celebrities.

Someone Bit Beyoncé


When you hear a story like this there is very less chance that you will believe it. But in reality, Beyoncé was bitten in the face by a someone during the Jay-Z concert in Inglewood.

The Culprit Is Still Unkown


Beyoncé getting bitten in the face by some someone went viral but the mystery is still not solved. The culprit is still unknown and everyone is trying to find out if anyone can solve this mystery. Stay tuned as the culprit is revealed on the next page…