Representatives at an Ontario Tim Horton’s, possessed by the offspring of the chain’s organizers say they have been advised to sign an archive recognizing they are losing paid breaks, paid advantages, and different motivations because of the area’s lowest pay permitted by law climb.

Tim Hortons Taken Over


The franchise is located in Cobourg, Ont., about 115 kilometres east of Toronto. The owners are Ron Joyce Jr. and Jeri-Lynn Horton-Joyce, the son and daughter of the chain’s co-founders, Ron Joyce and the late Tim Horton, respectively.

  Ron Joyce Jr. Enterprises Wrote


The document, copies of which were obtained by CBC News was write to the Jeri, Ron and Lisa. The letter said “Breaks will no longer be paid. A 9-hour shift will be paid for 8 hours and 20 minutes.” “These changes are due to the increase of wages to $14.00 minimum wage on January 1, 2018, then $15.00 per hour on January 1, 2019, as well as the lack of assistance and financial help from our Head Office and from the Government.”

Tim Hortons Earns $91.4M US In The Third Quarter


Tim Hortons has earned $91.4M in the third quarter. The Employment Standards Act. doesn’t require employers to give employees coffee breaks or any other kind of break other than eating periods.

Tim Hortons Franchisee Group Files Lawsuit


The legal battle between a group of Tim Hortons franchisees and their parent company escalated Friday as the corporate-unsanctioned franchisee association filed a lawsuit alleging that Restaurant Brands International.Tur to next page to more about the Tim Hortons franchisees

 The Record States Labourers


Other than losing paid breaks, the record states labourers with over five years of administration should pay 50 for each penny of the cost of advantages, and representatives with between a half year and five years administration should pay 75 for every penny.

Employees Losing Incentives


Employees are also losing incentives for working on their birthday and for working six months without taking a sick day. Stay tuned to know more about the condition of employees at Tim Hortons.

The Franchises Owners At Their Winter Home


Employees say the owners of the franchises are at their winter home in Florida. A woman answering the phone at the Tim Hortons location on Division Street in Cobourg, who said she was the manager, told CBC News she had no comment.

Employees Paycheque Reduced After Minimum Wage Hike.


Another employee said that with unpaid breaks and having to pay 50 per cent of the cost of benefits, their biweekly paycheque will actually be $51 dollars lower than it was before the minimum wage hike.