Timeline Of Melania And Donald Trump’s Relationship

The biggest couple in the world right now is Donald and Melania Trump. After all, they are the United States' new first family. Read the article to know about their journey.

3. This is a picture of Donald and Melania in 1998, the year they first met.

Donald was finalizing his divorce to Marla Maples, he was accompanying Celina Midelfart, a Norwegian heiress, to a Fashion Week party. According to Cosmopolitan, it was at that fateful event that he got a chance to meet Melania Knauss. “I went crazy,” said Donald in an interview with Larry King recalling the moment the two met. At the time, Melania was 28 and Donald was 52.

4. “hello”

Donald was pretty ecstatic that he met such a stunning woman, but a simple “hello” wasn’t all that happened during their first meeting…