Miley Cyrus is of the best pop singers, she started her career in a Disney show where she was loved by everyone and it was every girls dream to have a life like hers. This timeline of Miley from her career in Disney to today’s ‘Malibu’ girl, truly a wrecking ride. Read the article to know more about her.

Hannah Montana/ The Disney Era


Miley Cyrus started her career in a Disney Channel original series which debuted to the network’s largest audience to date in 2006. Her role in the series and the the accompanying Billboard chart-topping soundtracks, are what skyrocketed Miley to superstardom.

Liam Love Story: The First.


After messing up a lot of things and doing the crazy stuff like the time she was found  smoking Salvia from a bong, despite the criticism, Miley attempted to double down on the more adult image on her 2010 album and single, Can’t Be Tamed. The Can’t Be Tamed album became Miley’s first to date that didn’t top the Billboard chart. But in these bad times Miley and Liam met on set of the film in 2009, where the two also shared their first kiss.

Bangerz Era/ The Rise of the Twerking Marijuana Icon


It was in the year 2012, something peculiar happened with Miley as she cut off and bleached that hair, and a literal shedding away the Hannah Montana we once knew. the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, where Miley stripped down to her underwear and performed a super sexual routine to her new single, “We Can’t Stop,” with a duet with Robin Thicke.

Her single “Wrecking Ball,” seemingly addressed the split between her and Liam.


With all the drama, this whole new Miley was a smash hit, her followers on social media sky rocketed. While breakups are always hard, in terms of Miley’s bold new image, the split was almost fortuitous in some messed up kind of way.

A Study in the Psychedelic and Experimental Arts.


In the latest event Miley performed one of the tracks “Karen Don’t Be Sad” in Eve’s garden-esque nearly-nude garb and an insanely large wig on Saturday Night Live. But the record failed to become the pop culture phenomenon that Miley’s previous album was.

As she proved in the past.


Miley has proved in the past that just cause she is in transition doesn’t mean she can’t deliver a hit. She proved it with her album “Party in the U.S.A.,”. Making a candid defense for herself Miley told, “I think people try to make me seem a lot less centered than I am.”

‘Malibu’ Era Liam Returns.


In a followup to her Billboard interview Miley had walked back her controversial comments about hip hop, she said, “I have always and will continue to love and celebrate hip hop,”.

The now-24-year-old singer.


Miley Cyrus now is 24 years old and she has rekindled her engagement to Liam Hemsworth last year, and made her love for him the central focus of her new music. Many phases of Miley the artist, but what makes Miley’s growth so fascinating in particular is her seemingly unbelievable ability to harness that growth.