Pregnancy is the most amazing and delicate moment for any mother, the mother goes through many physical and hormonal changes. These sudden hormonal changes in women causes them to get a bit more emotional and have weird cravings. Teen Mom Amber recently announced her pregnancy and now she reveals her weird cravings during pregnancy. Read the article to know more….

The mother of two kids making the headlines this week!


Amber recently announced that she was pregnant, her fans went crazy. It’s a new beginning for her, Amber says, “I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy in my life.”

Baby daddy Andrew!


Amber is pregnant with Andrew’s kid, even with the dark and disturbing past of both the stars they have managed to give way to a new life together! Amber’s trust in her relationship with Andrew shows how much they love and respect each other!

Amber is very much familiar with pregnancy!


This is obviously not Amber’s first pregnancy, she had long ago been pregnant with her first daughter Leah, whose father is Gary! So it is safe to assume that the star does know how things work and what kind of cravings is she gonna have!

Every pregnant woman has a unique craving!


Every pregnant woman has her own unique cravings that they need to fulfill right away! The situation might get a bit cranky if the cravings are not fulfilled. Amber has some weird cravings in mind, read on next page……

Taco Bell is life for Amber!

Amber loves Taco Bells, she said, “I may or may not have had Taco Bell last night, I got a Nacho Supreme and Pintos N Cheese. It was horrible afterwards. My tummy was turning in every direction, but I was like, ‘You know what? I had to do it!’”

Andrew makes an effort!


Andrew being the baby daddy takes a lot of efforts to keep the mother safe and healthy, he made sure that Amber ate healthy food that will keep her body and the baby healthy! Amber finally reveals her shocking pregnancy cravings on next page…..

In a recent interview, Amber revealed!


Amber said, “Andrew is very adamant on making sure that I’m eating nothing but fruits, veggies, meats, and organic foods.” Amber said he was trying to just keep her healthy, but her cravings were just too much!

Amber explains her cravings!


Amber previous told that she had been eating lots of sandwiches made with crackers, peanut butter, cheddar, and pickles. She explains why, “Some people are probably going to be like, ‘ewww,’ but when I first found out I was pregnant, I really had a craving for that. My brother made it up when we were young. It’s probably the weirdest craving I’ve had. That and chocolate milk.”