Chelsea and Adam Lind had a very dark past when they were a couple, Adam Lind was never an ideal father for Aubree or an ideal partner for Chelsea, so it was obvious that they had to break up! Soon Chelsea got married to the love of her life Cole DeBoer in the most amazing ceremony. Now Chelsea has finally made her closure by winning multiple cases against Adam, read the article to know more…

Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy Adam Lind.

Adam Lind has been tested positive for drugs and has made racist comments in the past, but his behaviour is worse than anyone on the show!

Adam has failed in all his relationships!


Adam’s lack of care for himself and his family and his daughter Aubree has led him to lose the custody of his second child as well. Chelsea and Taylor broke up with him for his repeated drug use!

Chelsea finally got married to Cole for the second time!

The amazing and beautiful couple finally had their party this month in South Dakota. Cole did something really amazing at their second wedding. She recently posted a picture on Instagram describing how beautiful their wedding party was.

A few months ago, Adam was arrested for “simple domestic assault”.


Adam was reported to be arrested and jailed for a simple domestic assault, Adam was made to appear before a judge on Friday, November 3 at 11:30 am and was released shortly after the hearing. Chelsea finally celebrates her multiple cases win against Adam, read on Next Page…

Chelsea decides to take strict actions against Adam.


A clerk from the court confirmed that Chelsea took some serious strict actions against her ex Adama Lind. Chelsea made a plea in the court on December 8. Chelsea just wants to restrict Aubree’s visitation with Adam, she “does not want the grandparents out of Aubree’s life.”

Chelsea even filed for Aubree’s name change.


Chelsea had recently filed to change Aubree’s last name from Lind to Lind-DeBoer as she recently got married to Cole DeBoer. See Chelsea’s celebration on winning against Adam on the Next Page…

Adam agreed to all of Chelsea’s appeals before the hearing began.


Finally, Aubree’s last name has legally been changed from Lind to Lind-Deboer, “Aubree is so happy that DeBoer was added to her name. Over the last year or so, especially after Watson was born, Aubree has repeatedly asked Chelsea and Cole why she’s the only one in the family who doesn’t have ‘DeBoer’ as her last name. She understood she has a different dad, obviously, but she kind of felt left out being the only one with a different last name.”

Chelsea and Cole took this opportunity to celebrate with the kids.


The source explained, “They surprised her with a cake that had ‘Aubree Lind-DeBoer’ on it, Aubree was so thrilled and it was adorable.” Another source said, “This was the first time Chelsea and members of the production crew have seen Adam in a long time, and they were shocked by his appearance, He did not look like he’s in a good place.”