Kailyn Lowry is one of the most controversial teen moms in the show, Kail has been the centre of most controversies for a long time now. Kail has always had bad relationships since she first joined Teen Mom. Kail’s failed relationship include three baby daddy Jo, Javi and Chris, Kail also has two girlfriends, she recently admitted that it’s over! What is she talking about? Is it about any of her relationships? Read the article to know more…

Kail had disastrous relationships in the past!


Kail never had stable relationships in the past, she has always struggled with finding a suitable partner whom she can marry and spend the rest of her life with.

Kail already had three failed relationships!

Kail had three failed relationships. First one was with Jo Rivera with whom she had a son named Issac, then with Javi Marroquin with son Lincoln and the latest one Chris Lopez with whom she had baby Lux.

Kail’s first girlfriend!


One user wrote, “As long as Kail is happy whether she’s single, with a guy, or with a girl. I’m happy for her. She deserves to be happy. It doesn’t matter to me either way, regardless of the rumours, it’s no rumour she looks like a goddess in all black.”

 Kail also dated Dominique Potter.


Kail and Potter have posted many pictures together, indicating that they have spent a lot of time together, Potter says, “There really aren’t many people on this earth that I’d do all this last minute shit with.” Kail finally admits putting an end to relationships, but with whom? find out on Next Page…

Lowry and Potter were spotted together at a charity event.


Both were seen attending a charity event together, also there have been many instances where Potter been seen spending time with both Kail and her son Isaac, they posted a picture together captioned, “Finally brought my dude to get his hair done by the best.”

Kail was stuck in a love triangle…

Kail announced last year how close she was to Becky and how good of a girlfriend she was, later she announced  in November 2017 that she is dating another girl Potter. Now Kail finally admits that she is done with her relationship, and we are more than curious to know the person. Find out on Next Page…

Kail announced her date with Potter last year November.


The way Potter was seen frequently with Kail and her kids, it was obvious that Kail and Potter were very serious about their growing relationship. A source revealed, “She is single. Kail decided she didn’t want to be in a relationship because she’s not over everything that happened with Lux’s dad Chris Lopez.”

Kail has had enough of relationships…


The source added saying, “She decided she wanted to be alone and focus on her kids” But they still are good friends.