Farrah Abraham is probably the only teen mom in the show who has been involved in the most shocking controversies. Farrah was recent ‘sex shamed’ for taking part in adult films, she was also accused of being the worst mother for her daughter Sophia. Farrah has repeatedly made many mistakes in her career that has kept her in the centre of controversies. Recently Farrah made another mistake where she was accused animal abuse AGAIN! Read the article to know more…..

Almost all teen moms have pets!


Many star moms in the show have their own pets, some of these moms are Kailyn, Chelsea, Jenelle, etc. They all love their pets and take good care of them.

Cruelty against pets should never be tolerated!

Pets are mans best friend, it is our responsibility as humans to take care of our own pets, all teen moms who have pets take good care of their pets, except for one mom Farrah Abraham!

Farrah was first accused in the month of Feb!


In the month of February 2017, Farrah’s daughter Sophia turned eight years old. Farrah was really excited for her daughters birthday so she decided to make it a little special for her.

Farrah threw a slumber party for her daughter in Feb 2017!


Farrah threw a party for Sophia with a Beauty and the Beast theme, she decided to have a Pony themed slumber party. But Farrah had no idea that she had made a big mistake! You won’t believe what she did to her pet this time, find out on Next Page…

Farrah had a very cute idea for her daughter’s part, until…..


Farrah decided to dress up Sophia’s miniature pony Starburst, Farrah drew pink and purple neon hearts. That’s when a fan accused her  “That’s animal abuse she should be taken away from u!”, while another added: “That poor horse you’re a horrid selfish human being!”

Instead of learning from past mistakes, Farrah has been accused of animal abuse AGAIN!


People usually learn from their past mistakes and try to improve on them, but not Farrah she has a habit of repeating her mistakes. Farrah has been accused of animal abuse AGAIN! You will be shocked to know what she did this time, find out on Next Page…

When Farrah was staying with her father Michael and his new wife.


While Farrah lived with her dad and his new wife, they had dogs who would bark a lot and run around the house. This used to annoy Farrah, so Farrah put the dogs in cages and later on covered the cages with blankets! Farrah even harassed the dogs in the cage by squirting water on them! Truly cruel!

Farrah’s actions didn’t go unnoticed!


One angry Reddit user wrote, “For me, that was a really horrifying moment, dogs shouldn’t be locked in tiny crates like that, and covering them with a sheet before resuming a conversation with several people in the same room just seemed cruel. They’re not parrots, they’re not going to fall asleep just because you put a sheet over their cages.”