Here we have another Teen Mom story where of of the stars drops a baby bomb shell. Who is this star? Read the article to find out….

Teen Mom surprise!


The Teen Mom show is very familiar with baby bombshell every season. And here we have a now baby bombshell surprise….

Many Teen Moms gave birth this year.


There are many Teen Moms who gave birth to their babies this year and the fans are very excited for this new baby bombshell. Let’s find out on the next page about the TM2 baby bombshell….

Birth of Kail’s baby


Kail gave birth to baby Lo on Saturday, in the Bayhealth Kent General Hospital days whose father is Chris Lopez.

A perfectly healthy baby.


Let’s find out on the next page about the TM2 baby bombshell, you will be surprised to know which Teen Mom dropped the baby bombshell.

Jenelle and new baby Miss Ensley


Even Jenelle had her baby not long ago, so she is out of the question for baby bombshell. See below to know about the shcking baby bombshell.

We have a new baby bombshell.


Briana, now a mother of two announced Stella’s arrival alongside her half-sister, Briana’s first child, Nova. Let’s find out on the next page about the TM2 baby bombshell….

OMG! just before giving birth to baby Stella…..


Before giving birth to baby Stella, Briana DeJesus was asked by Luis Miguel if she wanted to work it out. He said he wanted her back in his life, and she was caught off guard to say the least, telling him that would have to wait until the baby comes.

The shocking bombshell!

Clearly, reuniting with her ex-boyfriend romantically was the last thing on her mind, as she’d already (sadly) decided that ship had sailed. Luis cheated on her, after all; DeJesus openly lamented not being together with her baby’s father, but sometimes you do what you have to.