TeenMom show has seen many ups and downs throughout the years, the teen mom stars have faced many problems in the show, both physical and mental health wise. Many of the Teen Mom stars were victims of drug use, depression, anxiety, addicted to treatment drugs, etc. But this time it’s a very shocking news, one of the teen mom stars is suffering with stage 4 cancer, read the article to know more…

The Teen Mom stars have faced many problems over the years.


Over the years the Teen Mom stars have gone through a lot, we have constantly given you updates of almost all problems faced by these young star mothers and their families. But the problems never seem to end for these young stars and their families…

Previously Leah’s daughter Ali was diagnosed with an illness.


Ali was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, Muscular dystrophy affects her mobility and all her major organs like her lungs and heart.

Ali still sometimes struggles to keep up with her twin sister Aleeah.


Ali is a strong girl, a source said “Ali isn’t in her chair full time. She only uses it as needed.”  Last if you remember Ali told her mother that she was having more difficulty with her condition lately…

There are many stars in the show facing problems…

There are many stars in the show who suffer from various other illness such as addiction, mant cast members were addicted to drugs and alcohol due to which their health and relationships suffered. Here we have a shocking news that TM2 star in now suffering with 4th stage cancer, find out on Next Page…

Recently Briana’s daughter Stella was diagnosed with an illness.

The doctors diagnosed Stella, Briana explains, “It’s been so hard dealing with Stella, she has some heart condition. She has holes in her heart. It’s been difficult dealing with Stella right now.”

Recently we discovered that Amber’s boyfried Andrew’s father too suffered from cancer.


You should know that Andrew’s father was James Glennon, he was a cinematographer with credits in film and television, he even secured an Emmy nomination for his efforts. But sadly James died in 2006 after complications from surgery for prostate cancer. You will shocked to know which TM star is suffering from cancer, find out on Next Page…

One of the TM3 cast member named Mackenzie McKee.


You all would remember the show Teen Mom 3, whose cast members were Briana and Mackenzie Mackee. The show was close after only 1 season, after which Briana made it to TM2 whereas Mackenzie Mackee didn’t make the cut, she still has a huge fan following despite not being on the show anymore.

Mackenzie’s mother Angie is now suffering with stage 4 cancer.


Mackenzie’s mother Angie is suffering from stage 4 cancer, MAckenzie is now using her popularity from the TM series to gather donations for her mother’s treatment. Here’s how you can help Angie, “Please Pray For Angie Douthit Click to Donate: via