Here we have a story for you where the Teen Mom star Adam Lind brags about his drug use after being caught. Read the article to know more about the story.

Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy Adam Lind.

Adam Lind has been tested positive for drugs and has made racist comments in the past, but his behavior is worse than anyone knows! Probably the worst baby daddy ever!

Back in April.

If you would recall that in April Adam Lind, Chelsea’s ex was tested positive for meth during a routine drug test as part of his custody battle with second baby mama Taylor Halbur.

This addiction and carelessness.

His lack of priority towards his family and constantly engaging in drugs has led him to lose the custody of his second child as well. When will he realize??

Court papers exclusively obtained…

The court papers that are exclusively obtained and the details reveal secret social media posts that expose his bad dad behavior.

In court papers obtained….

In court papers obtained from Circuit Court of Minnehaha County, Lind’s second baby mama Taylor Halbur asks the court to immediately suspend his parenting time with their daughter Paislee.

Halbur included evidence of his behavior in her January 2017 filing.

The court was provided with a series of of drug and alcohol-related comments made by Lind on his private social media pages. Like this one: “When that hit of cocaine starts to kick in,” one meme shared by Lind read. Lind then wrote in a Facebook status, “Late nights and drinking at the shop.”

In March 2017 court documents filed by Halbur…

One of the documents had the detail where Lind posted a photo of a friend in the shop with a bottle of Jack Daniels. “We will be for too drunk this weekend for all that noise,” he commented on Facebook. “Bon fire my place I got baby girl so gunna be nice chill night close friends and cold beer.” He added, “Gimme a few beers and let’s go downtown bar hopin.”

In another post he wrote.

“Well by the amount of dope I do I’ll be up for 3 days. My vision is getting weak from old age… and I got the shakes from withdrawals from all hard drugs I do… so sorry.” Huber then provided examples of Lind’s racist and homophobic slurs. Oh! wait there is more….

Lind’s friend then posted a meme of them together with the caption, “Did somebody call for a rape? Don’t mind if I do.”

Before this Adam posted on Facebook saying, “I was skinny and fat? You stupid n****r all you’re gonna do is run your mouth… you won’t show… stay behind your phone where you’re safe,” he wrote, adding in another post, “Any u f*gs wana swing over to my garage tonight?” And this was also provided as evidence in the court.

Court papers reveal he had a “substantial” amount in his system “just over 24 hours before he was to have the parties’ minor child.”

In a December 2014 filing, Halbur claimed Lind is a “dangerous person.”

Upon information and belief, when we were dating and lived together, he killed two of my puppies,” the filing read. “There was also another relationship that he was in, where he may have killed that person’s dog. If you hurt a dog, you will hurt a child!”