Here we have another Teen Mom story where it is reported that the Teen Mom Kail disses baby daddy days before giving birth. Read the article to know more about this story.

Chris Lopez and Teen Mom 2 star during her pregnancy

The two were friends before their relationship turned romantic months after Lowry filed for divorce from ex-husband Javi Marroquin in December 2015.

You would remember how their relationship unfortunately turned toxic.

Their relationship came to a stand still when Lowry learned she was expecting, as the source claimed Lopez “knew exactly what he was doing” when he helped her conceive.

Remember when Kail was very upset when they broke up.

Lowry confirmed that Lopez is the father of her third child earlier this month after months of keeping his identity a secret. Lowry revealed that Lopez might not be involved in their child’s life either.

Chris and Kailyn’s brief time together.

It became clear why Lowry was so reluctant to identify the man who got her pregnant. Lopez was reportedly the one to call it quits, and while Lowry has portrayed the relationship as a fling that resulted in an unexpected pregnancy.

She hopes he’s “genuinely happy” with his life?

“Kail was very upset when they broke up,” an insider close to Kail tells about her. The insider also said, “But she has never said anything bad about him. She wishes him the best and hopes he’s genuinely happy with his life.”

The pregnant reality star opened up about her relationship with her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez.

One of Kail’s friend asked her “How are things with the person you are seeing,” and Kail replies, “He doesn’t want to be on the show, he doesn’t want his name on the show.” Continue reading on Next Page to know what else Kail said

Kail dropped a bombshell.

Kail friend then asked, “Is his embarrassed?,” to which Kail replied, “He’s probably like, he doesn’t want his other hoes to know about me.”

Kail revealed that.

Kailyn revealed that her divorce with her second baby daddy, Javi Marroquin, is finalized!