TM2’s Kail Puts Baby Daddy on BLAST!

On Monday, the Teen Mom 2 star went public with much frustration and some grievances about her ex… without naming names in a short Twitter rant. Although, it was pretty clear to fans on who she was talking about. Let’s find out more on this story as you read through the article.

Kailyn in Miami

If you are a Teen Mom follower you must be already knowing that Kailyn Lowry is currently in Miami after announcing that she would be traveling quite a bit this year.

Mother of 3 kid’s

Lowry gave birth to her third son last summer and it sounds like she’s enjoying motherhood once again. It has been a few years since she got to care for a little baby, as her two other sons are growing up fast.

All baby daddies have moved on


The situation may not be as relaxing as she had hoped, as the fathers of her children have all moved on. Jo Rivera has moved on years ago, Kailyn divorced Javi Marroquin last year, and Chris Lopez appears to have no interest in his son’s life.

Kailyn was ready to do this on her own.

When Lowry was filming Teen Mom 2, she revealed that she wasn’t really dating Chris when she got pregnant and she was ready to do this on her own. Click on the next page to know who exactly Lowry is referring to in her latest tweet’s